Grand Boulevard Health and Rehabilitation Center

Grand Boulevard Health and Rehabilitation Center was found to be using a kiosk for entry which solicits “experience ratings” from visitors and/or employees, based on the response provided in the SMS the individual is provided a link to post a review if the in-SMS rating is in a high bracket. If the rating falls below the software’s threshold the individual is diverted from public expression to an internal feedback route which attempts to shield this facility from receiving a negative review and attempting to suppress the opportunity to express their feelings on a public forum.

This type of review gating is designed to try and capitalize on any opportunity by automated reach and screening for leads, or “cherry picking” to identify who is a potential win for a 5 star rating. Utilizing this technology and practice is considered misleading and the diversion imposes threat to real consumer research on the factor of trust and operation by this business.

This facility falls under the healthcare category, the impact of review gating targets consumers likely searching for a nursing home, rehabilitation center, senior healthcare services or some other care services for their loved ones. Impeding the honest feelings of others can potentially harm the ability to decide whether this facility should be selected among others. Consumers will not be able to tell whether they have been misled or not if only positive sentiments are posted and this practice of gating should be stopped to prevent manipulating the freedom of real user content from being displayed online.

We aren’t aware of when this facility began using the services of a review gating application but we know that it is currently (as of this post’s date) is in effect and encourage the public to be aware that some of the reviews that have been posted on this profile have either been shuttled via gating, while others may have been suppressed by gating. Be sure to look at multiple websites when researching this facility.

Grand Boulevard Health and Rehabilitation Center
Address: 138 Sandestin Ln, Miramar Beach, FL 32550
Phone: (850) 267-2887
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